Couples Massage Scottsdale

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Couples Massage Couples massage is one of the most popular spa services nowadays. Experience and enjoy any one of our massage services with that special someone in a luxurious private spa suite designed specifically for couples. Both of you can [...]

Aromatherapy Massage

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ESSENCE This is a perfect union of the gentle touch of massage with the healing effects of aromatic oils. Your sense of smell is linked directly to your brain; Aromatherapy immediately affects your mood. Essences from the essential oils of [...]

La Stone Therapy

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LA STONE La Stone Therapy “The original hot stone massage”. Stress simply melts away while warm stones and long flowing strokes are combined to ease tension from the body.  Heated, smooth flat stones are placed on key points on the body [...]

Maternity Massage

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MIRACLE This specialized massage incorporates the use of contoured cushions to help in gently reducing the stress associated with pre-and post-natal body changes. This calming and relaxing technique can be used in most cases during any stage of pregnancy. 50 [...]

Massage To The Max

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2 Hour Massage therapies designed for the ultimate massage experience and deep relaxation. Regular Price $279  THERAMAX TheraMax a deep tissue massage combined with stretching. RELAX2THEMAX Relax2theMax a light relaxing Swedish massage combined with the unique massage modalities mastered by each therapist. [...]

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