The History of CopperWynd Spa

CopperWynd SpaThe Spa at CopperWynd opened in 1999 with the opening of the CopperWynd Resort and Club now known as The Audrey Resort.  It quickly expanded from the original 4 treatment rooms to six treatment rooms and a nail salon in 2000.  
The management team of Scottsdale Spa and Holistic Massage Therapy operated the CopperWynd Spa from 2000 until April of 2015.  During that time, our management team placed the Spa at CopperWynd on the map with the introduction of the Amethyst Body Renewal Treatment, which features an exclusive amethyst mask and protocol developed exclusively by Marie Bernat.  Perscentoelogy which is exclusive to Scottsdale Spa and Holistic Massage Therapy has gained world recognition for being one of the most unique spa treatments and was first introduced in 2002 at the CopperWynd Spa, and is still featured today at all spa locations. 
Scottsdale Spa and Holistic Massage Therapy took over ownership of the CopperWynd Spa in 2010 and introduced the Spa Gold Membership program.  This program allowed local Fountain Hills residence, CopperWynd members and CopperWynd Resort (Now Known As The Audrey Resort) guests to enjoy resort spa quality services at less than day spa prices. 
The Spa at CopperWynd under the management and ownership of Scottsdale Spa and Holistic Massage Therapy became the largest spa in Fountain Hills as it quickly expanded to nine treatment rooms.  
In 2015, the CopperWynd Resort and Club (Now Renamed as The Audrey Resort) was sold and the new owner no longer wanted Scottsdale Spa and Holistic Massage Therapy, the spa’s membership prices, and the spa members to utilize the property.  
Scottsdale Spa and Holistic Massage Therapy, and the team of dedicated managers who managed and operated the Spa at CopperWynd for 15 years, and the full staff quickly relocated to The Inn at Eagle Mountain.  
If you have enjoyed the spa services provided at the Spa at CopperWynd over the years, we invite you to come see us again at the Inn at Eagle Mountain (located just 3 minutes from the CopperWynd Resort and Club now known as Audrey Resort) where we have 12 treatment rooms, and 2 couples suites, along with our nail salon. If you prefer North Scottsdale, come visit us at our North Scottsdale spa location on the NW corner of Pinnacle Peak and Miller.
While we were very sad to have to leave The CopperWynd Spa after fifteen wonderful years, we are so very happy to enjoy our new location and we are so happy that our long term loyal guests have followed us to our beautiful new resort setting.  In addition, we look especially forward to the expansion of our spa to a full Wellness Center.
Thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing you at our new location where we have continued the long term tradition of taking care of our guests and support of the Scottsdale and Fountain Hills communities.
*The Audrey Resort Located in Phoenix Arizona